Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where The Boys Are

Top five all-male bands (in no particular order) that inspire the lone woman in this band in terms of music and showmanship.

1. U2 - Showing that socially conscious Christian kids can rock.
2. Journey - Hometown pride. Lights can bring me to tears at times. I don't care if tone-deaf, drunken fools at karaoke and overzealous Giants fans have killed Don't Stop Believin' for the rest of the world, it will always be my favourite song ever. (p.s. Let's Go Giants!! So what if they never win another World Series in my lifetime, I'm happy to have witnessed it at least once.)
3. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - the only all-male band from my previous influences list (not counting one-man band Self haha).
4. X Japan - Pretty much only for Yoshiki, but seriously you guys! YOSHIKI!! And that sexxxy crystal drum set that he rocks out on!!!
5. Arashi - for the lulz. Always for the lulz.

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