Friday, September 9, 2011

A song you might find anywhere

Now, I'm known for fangirling our band's namesake (how else could we have come up with the name?) but he's actually legit talented. I daresay some of his self-penned solos are among the best in J-pop today - they're well-arranged and the lyrics show a sensitivity that belies his quick-witted, almost bratty façade (except for when he's acting, of course - he's the resident tearjerker among currently popular J-actors).

I've been wanting to post this song for ages, and I finally got around to it - I thought the eve before our first performance as Nino Blankenship was as good a time as any.

I want to write more about this song, but I have to be at practice soon.

どこにでもある唄 (A Song You Can Find Anywhere)
二宮 和也 (Kazunari Ninomiya)
Translation by Yarukizero
¡Con subtitulos en español!

何が正解で 何が間違えで
What is right? What is wrong?
だから大丈夫 なんて言っちゃって
So I said, "it's okay"
その言葉が自分を 消してくから
Those words were erasing myself
That was what I was most afraid of

めいっぱい叫べ 「ここにいるよ」って証のように
Yell with all your might "I'm here!" like it's proof of yourself
僕らはそんな弱くはない でも強くもないから
We are not that weak But we're not that strong either
だから泣いていいんだ 恥ずかしいことじゃない
That's why it's okay to cry There's nothing to be embarrassed about
明日がある人しかできないことだから 明日への合図だから
Only people who have a tomorrow can do it Because it's the signal of going to that tomorrow

泣いて 求めて 転んで また泣いて
Crying Searching Falling down Crying again
君は そうして 大人になって
That's how you become an adult

Afraid of getting hurt
If I always try not to cry, I'll won't be able to laugh

When I realized I was alone, I was scared
That's when your voice came, so gentle it hurt
If I cry, then you'll say, "You're a crybaby"
あんたもだよ」なんて言ってみたら 楽になってた笑ってた
When I tried to say, "You are too," I relaxed and laughed

いつも見たいに ふざけたこと言い合って
Like always, messing around and arguing
Don't say it's nostalgic right now 
Tightly hold onto the "now" that's there

ほら、息を吸って吐いて 生きている
Look, breathe in and out You're living
一歩一歩歩いている ただそれだけでいい
Walking one step at a time Just that is enough

It's alright, we'll always be here
So try confessing everything
Come on, you should stand tall and say it
"That is us"

ずっと ずっとずっと
Always, forever and ever

... So yeah, I think this is a pretty appropriate anthem for our band, and not just because our namesake wrote it.

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