Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome to our world of toys

So I haven't posted here in a couple of months...and here's basically why:

This 1994 Fender Jazz Bass has taken up most of my time.

It's funny...I originally got into drums (and returned to piano) because I've never been able to stretch my fingers enough to play guitar chords...and yet I ended up playing bass almost on accident.

The original bass we had in this band was a gift I originally got my sister for Christmas 2010...a Samick Greg Bennett Fairlane bass:

When she moved, she decided to leave it in the Bay Area with me, and we incorporated a little bit in time for our very first show -

Days before that performance though, I discovered my current axe at a music store in Citrus Heights and immediately knew it was meant to be. It made it to our second show too!

I've been practicing almost daily with the new addition to my collection since mid-September, trying my best to pick up actual techniques from bassists I like: folks like Marvin Isley, James Jamerson, Aimee Mann, Jack Bruce, Michael Henderson, John McVie...yeah, a pretty diverse list there. Though I won't deny that I tend to naturally slap in much the same way Aimee did for most of her 'til tuesday songs, even if I dream of being as free-flowing as Miroslav Vitous someday.

Just as long as I sound like myself when it's all said and done, I'll be happy with that.

I do love what this adds to our tendency to switch off instruments between almost every song, for sure!

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